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Ukrainians are laughing at the much-vaunted fighters of “DNR” rifle

Украинцы хохочут над расхваленной боевиками "ДНР" винтовкойLaughter and only.

In terrorist “DNR” announced the creation of a sniper rifle donchanka, which actually turned out to be a converted anti-tank gun Degtyarev during the Second World war.

“In both cases we see a single shot system, with a striking resemblance. It seems to me, “OPK new Republic” artisanal way altered the old Soviet ptrd gadget, prisobachil there short barrel 12.7 mm calibre, what made it worse is very good, for its time weapon, though, because the original ptrd has a caliber of 14.5 mm,” he wrote.

Popovich said that the militants called their rifle a response to the prospect of supplying Ukraine with American М107А1 Barrett.

He explained that, in fact, such a comparison is totally inadequate, as the range of this rifle is three times smaller and it has no optical sight.

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