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Ukrainians are increasingly moving premises from “non-residential” Fund in a “dwelling”

Украинцы все чаще переводят помещения из "нежилого" фонда в "жилой"The reason for this trend experts believe tougher building regulations.

Once the real estate market was trendy scheme: people bought apartments on the ground floor to rent (or sell) them at the shop, notary’s office, salon, etc. In a residential apartment to open a shop is prohibited, so purchased this way from the residential apartments translated in uninhabited. Now became evident to oncoming traffic.

“If you had been the only treatment transfer from residential to non-residential, but now about the same want to move back,” said the head of “BTI-service” Oleg Ignatiev.

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Experts explain this by the fact that the rent of commercial real estate became less profitable, and many areas are just empty. Says the head of the Kharkiv regional branch of the Association of realtors of Ukraine (ASNU) Alexey Popov, individual cases do occur. Besides, if earlier the developers first floors were devoted to shops, now it is not in the priority of the apartment.

“Sometimes people bought some sort of basement room and translates it into an apartment, — says Oleg Ignatiev. But this is a rare case.” So why the trend? It turns out that feet grow from increased building standards in our country. It so happened that the houses that are on old standards would have taken into operation with open arms, now developers are unable to take because of the apartments do not correspond to new views of what the apartment is. “For example, the complex houses positioned so that the part of apartments is completely Windows facing North. The sun’s rays does not get there in sufficient quantity, and it cannot be rent as apartment. Therefore, developers pass it as non-Fund — “apartment”, “creative workshops”. And people buy themselves and translate them into apartments,” — says Ignatiev. Thus people can save 5-15 thousand dollars.

“At GASK (State architectural construction Committee — Ed.) the request is for renovation. This reconstruction can be purely formal, and may in fact to carry out alterations if you need. After the reconstruction the object is put into operation with a different purpose. The redevelopment immediately legitimized,” — says Oleg Ignatiev.

There are organizations that will take for you to do everything under the key. For the average object area of 50 sq. m price may be 2-2,5 thousand dollars the artist makes all the necessary documentation takes place and with whom we must all agree. Then you get the Declaration on the entry of facilities in operation, which go to the notary where you are and prepare new legal documents. The whole procedure takes 1.5 months.

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