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Ukrainians are absolutely defenseless against a deadly disease

Украинцы абсолютно беззащитны перед смертельно опасной болезньюIn Ukraine there is no antitoxin against diphtheria.

Today in Ukraine there is no antitoxin against diphtheria; if a person is sick with diphtheria, with high probability he will die, since the antitoxin is the only way to treat this disease.

This was a live broadcast of “observer” said the President of the Council of protecting the rights and patient safety Victor Serdyuk.

According to him, the diphtheria – “by far the deadly disease in the absence of antitoxin, when people are already sick, because the only way of treatment – antitoxin”. The expert added: “If someone is sick with diphtheria, it is likely he will die. Diphtheria very often leads to death. This is a very difficult situation.”

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This antitoxin in Ukraine, – said Serdyuk.

He explained that to some extent this can be explained by the fact that today, diphtheria is extremely rare, “but when the disease still occurs, it’s scary.”

The expert also talked about the fact that the production of antitoxin is extremely long and cumbersome process: “to develop, you need at least six months to infect the horse, the blood specially cultivated, in six months we will be able to get the antitoxin”.

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Serdyuk added that the drug “must be ordered at least a year in advance”.

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