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Ukrainians again promise thunderstorms and cold

Украинцам вновь обещают грозовые дожди и похолоданиеIn the second half of the week in Ukraine is expected cold snap.

In Ukraine in the next few days will be heavy thunderstorms. Precipitation will cease only on the second day of summer. Forecasters predict this week’s intense cold. So, if on Tuesday the temperature almost in all territory of the country will rise to 29 degrees Celsius, on Friday the second of June, the temperature will fluctuate in the range of 15-17 degrees. Forecasters told what weather to expect Ukrainians.

The weather forecast for a week

30 may thunderstorms, according to the forecast Ukrgidromettsentra, are expected in the West, in the centre, North and East of the country. At the same time in the South to this day – partly cloudy. May 30 Ukrainians expect relatively warm weather. So, on the whole territory of the country the temperature will vary between 26-29 degrees above zero.

Украинцам вновь обещают грозовые дожди и похолодание

On the last day of spring storm, the cyclone will also affect part of the South. Precipitation is expected in all areas except Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions. Despite the rain, temperatures this afternoon will rise to 29 degrees Celsius almost throughout the country.

Украинцам вновь обещают грозовые дожди и похолодание

The first day of summer in Ukraine will be colder. The thermometer in the afternoon on the West rise to the level of 20-23 degrees above zero. Thunderstorms will be in the East, South and centre. At the same time in the North, in the capital and the West – partly cloudy.

In Kiev this afternoon the temperature will rise to a level at 21-23 degrees. In the North – 22-24 degrees, the same weather is expected in the centre and East of the country. Warmest in the South to 25 degrees above zero during the day.

Украинцам вновь обещают грозовые дожди и похолодание

Significant cooling is expected, the second in June. While rainfall cyclone leaves the territory of Ukraine on the entire territory of the country will be partly cloudy weather. In the West the day the air warms up to 15-17 degrees above zero. To the North of 16 degrees in the afternoon. In the capital and in the centre of Ukraine, second of June the temperature will range between the marks of 17-19 degrees. Relatively warm weather in the South. Here the temperature rises to 22-24 degrees, and in the East to 21 degrees Celsius during the day.

National weather forecast

30 may is the day of St. Isaac of Dalmatia, the Holy Apostle Andronicus and Iunii, informs a portal “Weatherman”. They believed in Christ, preached his doctrine. Died peacefully, for the first century was rare. In the old days I noticed that the summer weather will be exactly the way she was that day.

May 31 venerated in memory of the Martyr Theodotos of Ancyra and seven virgin martyrs. Theodotos healed the sick, helped the needy. In the old days, this was due mainly to the sowing of flax. Our ancestors watched what tree this day the sheet will deploy. If the oak before the ash sheet is empty, so the summer portends to be dry.

The first day of summer, the sacred memory of the blessed Prince John of Uglich and the Grand Duke Dmitry Donskoy. In the old days on this day there were still frost on the ground. Our ancestors noticed if the first two days of June, pouring rain – the entire month is dry and summer is warm. But if the summer began with a cold, then the next 40 days will be cold. Was also observed the bird Kingdom: if the ravens come to beaks in one direction to a strong wind.

Second of June, the day of the martyrs Thalaleas, Alexander and Asterias. The Martyr Thalaleas popularly known under the name of Borage, because from that day began to sow cucumber: “Philip Yes Thalaleas – get cucumbers soon.” “Thalaleas – Sadi cucumbers”. If in this day a lot of cones on the tree – for a good harvest of cucumbers. At this time Jasmine blossoms. Can also still blooming Rowan. Later flowering of this shrub was indicated by our ancestors in the late autumn.

Third Jun revered the memory of the apostles Emperor Constantine and his mother Empress Helena. The people Elena (Olena) called Loosely, as it was the time of sowing of flax. Our ancestors noticed if this day the weather will be rainy, and autumn will be like this. Also on this day was judged on the beginning of winter: “If the third of June a hailstorm, the third of December – snow grains”. At that time already shed their gardens. Flowering from raspberry, rosehip, Rowan. May appear first mushrooms: krasnoholovets, birch, white.

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