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Ukrainians advised where to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Украинцам посоветовали, где отметить День святого ВалентинаThe journalists chose the most romantic places in Kharkiv, Lviv, Kyiv, Chernivtsi and Odessa.

Valentine’s Day check out their feelings on the stairs in Odessa, ask for the blessing of the Greek gods in Lviv and tell about their desires crocodile in Kiev.

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Украинцам посоветовали, где отметить День святого Валентина

Garden of non-melting sculptures — go to Adam and eve

At Vladimir’s hill near the funicular, is located the garden of non-melting sculptures. Especially fascinating this place looks at night thanks to illumination and opening panoramic view on Kiev. While walking through the Park you will see the works of modern sculptors, among which the main amorous exposition “Adam and eve”. I say, putting her foot a few coins, a couple “buy” their happiness.

The house with chimeras — looking crocodile

This is one of the most mysterious places of Kiev. The building attracts with sculptures of mythical creatures located on the visors, the roof and inside the building. While there, one gets the impression that Chimera is constantly watching you. Should come here lovers of quests to look for in the building among the mythical creatures of a crocodile — they say he fulfills the desires of lovers.


Украинцам посоветовали, где отметить День святого Валентина

Take a stroll in the Italian courtyard

In the heart of the city and are a unique monument of architecture of the Renaissance, one of the most beautiful and romantic corners. This Palace with a courtyard similar to the typical courtyards of Rome and Florence, so it is here in the XVII century set of Shakespeare’s plays, including “Romeo and Juliet”. He saw the love story of the Polish monarch Jan Sabinskogo, who could not marry a commoner, so was forced to meet her secretly.

The Greek gods will bless the relationship

In the center of Old Lviv is located a 58-metre town Hall of the XV century where you can see most of the city. The building is surrounded by three-meter sculptures of Greek gods: Neptune and Amphitrite, Adonis, and Diana. They say that these mythical couples that carried love through the ages, will protect the lovers, asked their blessing.


Украинцам посоветовали, где отметить День святого Валентина

Belvedere of Vorontsov as a symbol of loyalty

Colonnade on the cliff above the sea is the symbol of Odessa and is part of the complex of the Vorontsov Palace from the 19th century. White rotunda off the beautiful panorama of the coast. Its occurrence is associated with the legend about the girl many years waiting on the shore for her beloved. Lovers believe that if you confess to love this place, their feelings will not go out ever.

Go through the Ladder of love

Potemkin is not the only famous staircase in Odessa. The lovers is popular the Ladder of love in the Polish descent, there are assigned dates and hosts wedding photo shoots. It consists of 80 steps, but they can go is not easy, but holding hands and reciting every word of love. It is a great occasion to reveal your feelings.


Украинцам посоветовали, где отметить День святого Валентина

In Sharovka to the white Swan

In the village of sharivka is a Palace complex in neo-Gothic style of the XIX century, which the locals called the White Swan for stretched white “wings” of the castle. Park of the Palace were planted by the castle’s owner Leopold Koenig specially for his beloved wife, who suffered from asthma and could not live without forest air. On the estate there are beautiful terraces, stairs, sculptures, and stone bridges, against which even in winter you can arrange a beautiful photo shoot. Also, you can walk through the corridors of sharovskiy of the castle, which has 26 rooms and several halls for special occasions.

Tell me the main words in the “magic triangle”

Terraced Park was built by Kharkiv on a place destroyed by war in the Old arcade. From the upper deck of the Park a panorama of zarechnogo of Kharkov. It attracts many couples, as located in a kind of “magic triangle” of three temples — the intercession, the Annunciation and the assumption cathedrals. The lovers is assured of in this place, doomed to be happy.


Украинцам посоветовали, где отметить День святого Валентина

Unrequited Express in Turkish krynytsya

In the center of Chernivtsi is situated square of the blessed Mary (Turkish), built in the Moldavian-Turkish period, in the XVIII century. Still there is a pit, which is overgrown with legends. During the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish Pasha wanted to marry Ukrainian girl, but she refused and rushed into the well. Since then, there was a superstition: if a couple, holding hands, thrown into the pit for the coin in their hearts will never be quenched the fire of love.

Admit the Heart of love

On the vast territory of the Park Shevchenko in Chernivtsi (about 16 hectares), there are plenty of sculptures that are architectural monuments of different times. Among them are young creations — in particular, Golden sculpture-the swing “Heart of love”. The author has invested in her the warm feelings and wrote on the sign: “This heart I dedicated to his beloved, and all lovers of the world.” Now here come Dating lovers and couples arrange the wedding photo shoot.

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