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Ukrainians actively take the “warm” loans

Украинцы активно берут "теплые" кредитыThe Ukrainians took the “warm credits” for 4 billion.

Since October 2014 and to this day, about 320 thousand families have benefited from the government programme “warm loans” totaling more than 4 billion UAH.

This is evidenced by the results of the monitoring of the program, which leads Gosenergoeffektivnosti.

“This year, condominiums have been especially active in this issue. From the beginning of 2017, the program has hosted 468 condominiums, drawing on energy efficiency measures more than 100 million UAH. This is more than in all of 2016, when he was issued 435 loans for condominiums and housing cooperatives for a total amount of 61 million UAH”, – said the Chairman of the Saee Serhiy Savchuk, adding that even, the past week was once again a record. In particular, during the week of condominiums attracted 53 “warm” loan for the sum more than 13 million UAH.

The most popular is the insulation of private housing. This direction of the program used about 210 thousand families, drawing on energy-efficient materials and equipment 3.5 billion UAH.

More than 21 thousand households received in banks 367 million for the installation of solid fuel boilers.

More than a thousand ajoah and HBC, and it is about 80 thousand families became participants of the program received in banks 178.3 million UAH for the implementation of energy efficient measures in apartment buildings.

As explained Savchuk, the program demonstrates the synergy of government and people towards energy saving. The government provides guaranteed financial support, and the population attached to the implementation of energy efficiency measures. The result is families pay much less for utilities, enhanced comfort in homes, and the cost of the insulated apartments is growing.

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