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Ukrainian singer crying because of a runaway trip to Russia

Украинская певица расплакалась из-за сорвавшейся поездки в РоссиюThe star had problems with the ticket on the train.

Singing in Russia, ex-“viagra” Anna Sedokova complained that they could not safely travel from Ukraine to Russia.

The singer had problems with the tickets. The relevant post, the singer has published in his Instagram.

“The fact that a ticket is purchased in Moscow, it is impossible to print in Kiev is exactly the opposite. So said those tickets out and buy a new one, and I have card blocked, and when it is unblocked, the sale was already completed,” complained the actress.

“So, all my 6 suitcases and bags 26, Hector, stroller, babysitter, set from mom, the toys from her girlfriend Packed back into the car and drove back. The kid made me laugh the whole way, and I looked out the window, cried softly and thought about how I’m tired of being strong…” – wrote the singer.

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