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Ukrainian singer “burned” by the Kremlin in the new clip. Video

Украинский певец "сжег" Кремль в новом клипе. ВидеоIn the video you can also see the main fakes of Russian propaganda in recent years.

Ukrainian rapper Freel has released the third single from their forthcoming album “Spalah”, which is called “there Sho Ukrainians”.

The video shows the ironic story about the Russian scientist, the scholar, who every day on television showed the horrors allegedly taking place in Ukraine. The hero of the song does not stand up, packs her things, takes textbooks and dictionaries, and goes to Donbass, to save Russian language, which, as he said from the screen, they oppress. Upon arriving, he discovers that all is not quite what he thought.

“I have a hunch that this video will lock, so hurry up to see, show a friend and tasherit while it’s still there,” says Freel.

In the running line under the blazing Kremlin are the most famous and funny fakes of Russian propaganda since the spring of 2014.

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