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Ukrainian Russian musicians called the invaders

Украинских артистов в России назвали оккупантамиRussian propagandists commented on “dominance” Ukrainian stars, Russian Federation

Russia reacted to the participation of stars from Ukraine in the “Blue light”, which will be broadcast new year’s eve at the Central channel. Journalists propaganda edition “” called the Ukrainian artists occupiers.

The reporters claim that “most of the artists came from the Square to the shooting. And this is the best evidence that music out of politics.” At the same time, they note that new year’s eve for the Russians will be performing artists, primarily from Ukraine. Among them – the notorious Svetlana Loboda, which this year has received several major music awards in the Russian Federation. “To “spark” the First channel it will be a real Queen. The singer was filmed on the ship, sailing on a winter Moscow river. According to the script she’s hiding on the boat from prying paparazzi” – says the publication.

Also in the New year Russians will entertain Artik & Asti, “Mushrooms”, Alekseev, Ani Lorak. Among Ukrainians in the festive air will also be Vera Brezhnev and the Tree.

With special sarcasm the publication writes about Sofia Rotaru. “She’s long refused to play in Russia, but to open his mouth to the sound recording on the filming of the Christmas concerts come always. In autumn the artist from the hands of the employee of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova received the “Golden gramophone” and sang the Kremlin”, – the journalist said. “Rumor has it that the singer is in talks about a full-fledged tour in Russia. Singer is understandable – pensions in Ukraine small hotel business in the Crimea, a special income brings. And speaking at the new year concert will be the best advertisement for her upcoming solo album,” sarcasm noted propagandists.

Украинских артистов в России назвали оккупантами

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