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Ukrainian rock band quail folk song. Video

Украинская рок-группа перепела народную песню. ВидеоHaydamaky sung a folk song for drama “Cool 1918”.

Ukrainian band Haydamaky presented its version known from the times of Cossacks of the steppe Dnieper folk song “black rlla Sorana” writing for the soundtrack to the drama “Cool 1918” about the battle a century ago at the railway station abruptly between several hundreds of Kyiv of the students of the UNR army and chetyrehchastnaya army of the Bolsheviks.

This song became widely known after its inclusion in the film by Borys Ivchenko “lost letter”.

First, the creators of the film “Steep 1918” was planned to present it December 6, but then decided to do it on the anniversary of the battle that occurs at the end of January. “So we decided that it would be best to coincide with the release of the film to the memory of those who a hundred years ago defended our country”, – said the producer Andrey Kornienko.

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