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Ukrainian pop-star first showed son

Звезда украинской эстрады впервые показала сына The lead singer of The band The Hardkiss revealed the mysteries of motherhood.

Almost two years ago from Julia Sanina the Hardkiss became a mother: her husband and part-time musician of the band Shaft Bebko singer gave birth to a son. Today, young parents introduced fans with his young son Daniel.

“Before pregnancy, I certainly knew that the first one is a boy – smiles Julia. And my mother had a dream when I was probably 16 years, it would be a boy. Well fate brings me mostly with men. The team is mostly male, at school I was friendly with the guys. So I as a girl could’ve ever imagined. But our parents had a little podrasteryal – all wanted a girl. Bows, dresses, pink everything… And I calmly responded. In General, we Valera was happy and the boy and the girl. But when Dan appeared, we realized how cool it is! The boy is so great: cars, airplanes, tractors”.

In an interview with Julia Sanina and Val Bebko told about how to raise a child, and why not let him manipulate adults:

“We love the son, but got him some mischief. Dan already gradually begins to understand that he can manipulate parents, to nag, to succeed. We show him softly and gently, which should be not only the way he wants to, but as used in the family, as comfortable first and foremost parents. After all, as in the animal world? The main in the family is mom and dad, and the kids are adjusted to their way of life. Don’t have family to go for a child. On the contrary, the child should be introduced to the family. And here we proceed from this assumption. But we do not punish, nor in any way do not hit, do not scream. We are trying to negotiate. Danny already understands everything. The main thing – to sink to the level of his eyes and explain everything so that he heard us this time.”

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