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Ukrainian physics teacher became a Youtube star. Video

Украинский учитель физики стал звездой Youtube. ВидеоThe teacher from Odessa continues to gain popularity around the world.

A wonderful teacher, a physics teacher at the Odessa Richelieu Lyceum, the Paul A. Victor is becoming more popular.

The videos about Victor wrote the Odessa mass media.

Their popularity has long gone beyond the borders of Ukraine. Now his lessons watching the Russian-speaking audience from around the world: canal teachers more than 80 thousand subscribers and the total number of visitors exceeded 8 million. Victor remembers that it all started with a Skype-conferences that he had performed for the sick students in high school, where he teaches. Then the teacher decided to expand the audience of their lessons. For this, he independently mastered the new technology.

“That comes from this camera, gets on the switcher. There are more sources of signal: computer this camcorder and media player” – it shows their equipment.

First lessons Victor shot at a normal webcam. But even they were a great success. But unexpected popularity of the Victor has pushed the school administration to purchase equipment for the video, and the teachers – to learn and configure. Gradually he began to from video tutorials a great pleasure.

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