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Ukrainian Navy took over the mob push-UPS. Video

Украинский флот принял эстафету флешмоба отжиманий. Видео200 Navy servicemen formed the living figures of the coat of Arms and anchors, supporting #22РushUpChallenge.

About two hundred future and current officers of the naval forces of Ukraine, headed by Vice-Admiral Igor Voronchenko shaped living figures of the coat of arms of Ukraine and anchors on the quay wall and helicopter pad of the frigate Hetman Sahaidachny and pressed into the framework of the flashmob #22РushUpChallenge.

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This reports the press service of the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

In addition, joined the flash mob and the leadership and students of the Institute of the Naval Forces of the National University of Odesa Maritime Academy.

The purpose of the flash mob #22PushUpChallenge to pay attention to social and psychological problems of veterans returning to civilian life.

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To remove push-UPS on camera and upload videos to social networks began in the United States to draw attention to the problems of veterans returning home after the war with post-traumatic stress disorder. It is noted that, according to the statistics, every day 22 of them commit suicide.

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