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Ukrainian MPs scored another record

Украинские нардепы отличились очередным антирекордомIn September, MPs are not too strained.

The deputies demonstrated a record of low participation in voting of the Parliament in September. On average, one MP took part in a quarter, 25%, voting for the month, which is the lowest figure for the year 2017.

For comparison: in July, one member participated in an average of 48% of the votes of the Council in June to 55% in may to 49% in April to 45% in March to 54% in February and 51%, January – 50%, reports the Committee of voters of Ukraine.

Only in September, regularly voted (more than half of the cases) only 60-80 members. Thus, on 22 September, the Parliament actively voted 52 MP, September 21 – 85, 20 September 80, 19 September – 87 September 8 – 62, 7 Sep – 99 5-Sep – 134 of 422.

In total 353 MP missed a vote in September (that is, not pressed “for”, “against” or “abstained”). Of these, 46 MPs missed more than 90% of the votes. They are either absent in the workplace, or deliberately did not vote.

BP also 19 members who have not voted even once in a month. 6 from “Revival” – barvinenko V. D., Bondar V. V., Presman A. S., Katsuba V. M., Pisarenko V. V., I. Shkirya N., 6 unaffiliated – K. Zhevago, V., Moore, E. V., Klyuyev, S. P., Constantine, L. V., Onishchenko A. R., jarosz, D. A., 5 members of Opaloka – Larin S. N., Shentsev D., Ostapchuk E. L. Bakulin, E. N., Rabinovich, V. Z., 2 BPP, Krivoruchko V. V. Chepinoga V. M.

Only in September, 933 vote, 856 of which concerned amendments to the bill No. 6232 on judiciary.

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