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Ukrainian mother has calculated the cost of baby-boxes

Украинские матери подсчитали себестоимость бэби-боксов Not everyone is happy with the content.

The so-called baby pack – set of 25 essential baby things that started to give Ukrainian families from September 1, raised a number of complaints.

In particular, questions have to be relevant equipment, and the cost of the baby box is slightly overestimated. This is despite the fact that, in General, a “Package boy” makes a good impression – “bright and durable box that can be used as a cradle, an adequate set of clothing set cute diaper”.

Also included is a changing Mat for boxes, baby nail clippers, bath thermometer, electronic thermometer, a pack of wet wipes, a rattle, diaper and blanket.

However, the authors note that all of the above would be useful for young parents, if they received a baby box immediately after birth in the hospital, not after a week or two, as is happening now.

“That is, during this time they have required and scissors, and thermometers, and a blanket, and a few sets of clothes for newborns. Therefore, the state just throws money by offering parents something they already bought.According to the Cabinet decision, the parents must obtain a “package boy” not later than 30 days from the date of birth of the child. However, the 30-day kids this package is unlikely to be useful”, – stated in the material.

Journalists also pointed to the fact that the clothes and diapers that comes with a baby box, are often small.

“Clothes size 50-56 most of the children grows during the month. The same applies to diapers. Why do we need four packs of diapers 24 pieces 1 size for children weighing 2 to 5 kg? Some babies at birth weigh under 5 kg (and begin with the clothing 62-th size),” he stressed, Recalling that the Ministry of social policy promises that very soon the kits will be given out at the hospital, as it should be.

At the same time, according to the authors, the declared value of the package up to 5,000 hryvnia, is overvalued by almost half. However, the Ministry of social policy explained that this amount is the maximum possible value of the package, and the real cost of a “baby package”, which today issued parents about 3700 UAH.

However, with a detailed analysis of the content of the “Package of the baby” it turned out that his estimated cost is about 2800 UAH.

“Plus box, which can be used as a cradle, and changing it (it’s a piece of foam in the mattress pad). If you consider that things for the baby boxes were bought in bulk, the cost should be even less – a maximum of two thousand,” – said journalists.

It is noted that the tenders for the purchase of goods for the baby box was not run because it is a project of International technical assistance, paid for from budget funds.

“There is the following procedure: regional administration transfer funds to the project management of the United Nations for project services (UNOPS/UNOPS), and the purchase has been doing for this organization”, – stated in the material.

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