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Ukrainian journalist showed real life in North Korea. Video

Украинский журналист показал реальную жизнь в Северной Корее. ВидеоRoman Bochkala made a documentary about life in North Korea.

North Korea is the most closed country in the world. To get there you need to get a bunch of permissions, and already on the plane to fill out a questionnaire, which is required to specify whether you’re a journalist.

But the fact is that the press outside the capital do not release, so the journalist Novel Boccali had to risk his own freedom. Because of this, he saw firsthand how lives one of the most powerful dictatorships of the planet and took what no man has ever done.

In the sixth morning – beep. The country is waking up and going to work. Workers escorted to the service women with red flags and green suits. As we have explained, they are unemployed. They smile and wave in solidarity with the workers at exactly 7:30 – so begins each day for the residents of North Korea.

Meat is categorically not eat, with the exception of the advanced elite. For tourists it is also find.

“This is due to the fact that the terrain is mountainous, so every fertile plot of land to plant rice, corn, or wheat. Also eat dogs, but rarely. Claim that farms for cultivation for culinary purposes does not exist, but then I found out that specplot still there. “- the journalist describes the shocking facts of life in the country. And yet the tourists are there to offer a cocktail … from fresh blood of a turtle.

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