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Ukrainian itself creates a unique electric vehicles

Украинец сам создает уникальные электромобили Ukraine is home to the man who created not one electric car.

He is working since the Soviet Union and believes that its development will become more popular.

The man hopes that his creations will be used on the Ukrainian roads. Resident of Kiev, Eduard Rudyk for 30 years, creates his own BMW car. The man in the example shows that budget and a nice car is not a myth but a reality.

Now the Ukrainian genius is busy creating the perfect electric car and dreams about the serial production of its miracles. Amazing Hobbies a man has engaged in Soviet times – then Rudy dreamed of a convertible, to get that at home was impossible. The goal is to make a simple, comfortable and cheap car remained with me to this day – says Rudick. For 30 years, E. G. has created 30 cars. All this time, he perfected a model and says that only now happy with the result.

The author’s car “Merlin” is made of fiberglass, charged from the usual outlets, and after charging can carry out on-the-go for up to 10 hours. Is “Merlin” 5 thousand dollars. However, to drive it on roads legally until you get it – in Ukraine is not yet established rules of certification of electric cars. But, experts say, this car can be used outside the box. Can be used for playing Golf. Perhaps this is an interesting car to retrieve the first driving experience – the expert in electrical engineering Igor dukhnenko has.

Rudik is now trying to create a Ukrainian unmanned vehicle and not lose faith to see their cars on the local roads.

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