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Ukrainian ex-COP admitted, why he left the police

Бывший украинский коп признался, почему ушел из полицииOf the 2 million Metropolitan policemen who came to the service a year and a half ago, there was 920.

A former police officer Andrey Zolotukhin said that left Ukrainian police out of frustration.

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According to him, all who went to the police, believed that it will radically change the old law enforcement system.

“Watching movies as the guards smartly crack down on criminals, fastens at the hands of their handcuffs, we thought that, too, will be able to work,” – said Zolotukhin.

He stressed that in fact it was not so, as the imagined new guards. Zolotukhin believes that a 3-month course for police officers is not enough to be prepared to challenging and dangerous situations.

“If at first each patrol was lapel camera, then after a few months gave only one for the whole crew. How to be? The camera is your partner, and you’re talking to a drunk offender, who knows what’s in the head. Then how to prove the correctness of their actions? Issued body armor, but low-grade protection. Knife does not break, and a bullet – easy,” commented an ex-COP.

According to him, the police even had to repair the damaged patrol car at his own expense. If the COP was guilty in the fact that the car was damaged, then his salary was calculated 2 thousand hryvnias.

Also, Zolotukhin added that it was unclear why only a half later, law enforcement officers are taught defensive driving.

“This should have been done before. But then everyone was waiting for some miracle that never happened,” he said.

“The problem is that most of the patrol didn’t know how to make administrative reports. Approximately 70% of the daily work. You can’t imagine how much material the court returns for revision to the police,” – said the COP.

In addition, he said that a young police officer, is not clearly explained when you can use firearms

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