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Ukrainian drivers require radically increase the cost of travel

Украинские маршрутчики требуют радикально повысить стоимость проездаBy the end of year trip by taxi in Ukraine can significantly increase.

To raise the fare drivers planning to start with Kiev and suburbs of the capital. According to the cab, the increase in the cost of a travel card is not a whim of the shipping companies and the economic need. And avoid the price increase is unlikely to succeed.

As the member Association of carriers of Kiev Yuri Artemenko, under the most favorable scenario, the fare will be about 8-9 UAH.

“It is now economically feasible is the rate of 12 UAH. If the price of fuel and the dollar will continue to rise, companies simply won’t be able to raise prices,” he said.

Increasing the fare drivers is associated with a number of factors: expensive parts, prices are tied to the currency, soaring prices for fuel and lubricants and wage growth drivers that have started a run for specie in the near abroad.

“The country has a shortage of drivers. They want the salary to 20 thousand UAH. For example, in Kiev, now 5-10% of the composition route does not leave the road because there was nobody to work. To retain drivers, companies will be forced to raise their salaries”, — explained the Director of the company “TransGroup” Vladimir Nazarenko.

Carriers ordered to install in each bus a GPS system. The cost of such a sensor, according to minibuses, about 20-22 thousand UAH, which will also affect the future increase in travel. Another part of earnings taken away from carriers fees bus stations in the amount of 15-20%.

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