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Ukrainian designer has accused a well-known brand plagiarism

Украинский дизайнер обвинил известный бренд в плагиатеZara copied a dress Ukrainian designer.

Spanish clothing and accessories Zara was in the center of another scandal involving plagiarism. The giant of the mass market has paid attention to young Ukrainian designers in the new collection of Zara dress appeared suspiciously similar to the main hit of the brand Omelya – dresses-t-shirts.

“Yesterday my friends from Israel have sent a photo of a girl in a dress very similar to dress Omelya T-dress, with the caption “this is Zara”. At first I did not believe, but copies of this pattern dated from the first season when the dresses Relax can be found everywhere in Ukraine and Russia. Now the situation has become more global, as the company Zara released a replica of this model”, – commented the designer Kostya the Mistletoe.

Photos of fashionistas in dresses Omelya published in the pages of the world gloss: Elle, L’officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamor Italia, etc. Probably contributed to the fact that the designers of Zara have paid attention to them. However, the coast the Mistletoe was not the first victim, last year Mango had copied the design of demi-denims Ksenia Schnaider.

The company regularly copies things from other brands, releasing under its own brand. Often things from the new collections of luxury brands appear in Zara stores before the boutiques will receive the originals. The only difference is in the quality and materials. In the end, competition like this is not because the buyers such as Zara and Chanel clients are a completely different consumer segment.

However, last year the company got into a new scandal when she was accused that the company “borrowed” illustrations of young artists. The scandal spread rapidly. On the side of victims have become the media and the public. The deal ended litigation between the brand and the injured party.

Украинский дизайнер обвинил известный бренд в плагиате
Украинский дизайнер обвинил известный бренд в плагиате

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