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Ukrainian committed suicide in Russian prison

Украинец совершил самоубийство в российской тюрьмеTroyakova detained in October 2016 on the train Novosibirsk – Surgut.

20-year-old Ukrainian Stanislav of Troyakov committed suicide in a Russian prison.

He was convicted under article about illegal acquisition, possession and transportation of drugs. The body without signs of violent death was found on 25 June in the Tyumen penal colony №2.

Troyakova detained in October 2016 on the train Novosibirsk – Surgut. Found kilograms of synthetic drugs and was jailed for it for 8 years.

The founder of the project Mr Seckin, told the publication that in the colonies the local authorities, “including the kingpin of the clan of Ded Hasan”, declared him a huckster and began to extort his family money.

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“Under pain of beatings and rape Stanislaus was forced to massage looking, to wear tea and coffee, clean and wash other people’s things, it was used 20 hours a day trying to sleep and eat. Bandits 50 thousand was not enough, and they demanded more,” says Seckin. He listed the names of the inmates, pressuring on Troyakova. Among them, the criminal authority Sergey Laptev, as well as the thief in the law Vladimir Zyatkov, named son-in-law, who was part of the clan criminal authority Ded Hasan, and now Shakro Young.

Friends of Troyakov said that the mother of the young man laid a village house in the Luhansk region in the Bank to collect the necessary sum. And another relative took out a loan. In total they gave to the colony of 200 thousand rubles.

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According to Osechkina, a source in the colony told him that the extortion money was used to bribe officials, inspectors, as occurs in IR, but the allocated budget was misappropriated. All of these actions, according to Osechkina, covered himself the chief of IK-2 geys Guliyev, who was allegedly share with criminal authorities. The head of the colony, according to Osechkina, ignored complaints Troyakova on extortion, in connection with which the young man committed suicide.

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