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Ukrainian coffee shop has raised the price of their products

Украинские кофейни резко подняли цену на свою продукциюThis year the tendency to rise in price continued

For Ukrainian coffee people came the dark times – domestic coffee houses raise prices. Of course, in the cities, you can still save by buying a cheap “street coffee”, but for those who want to sit in a cafe “comfort” will have to pay.

So, for the period from 2014 to 2016, the price of coffee in restaurants has risen by 25-30%. This year, the trend towards higher prices continued. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Can’t turn down a drink

Restaurant owners complain the increase in purchase prices for grain over the last four years they have grown in 2-3 times. But cappuccino and espresso are anchor positions for coffee shops, bakeries, etc., so there is no hurry in proportion to raise the price of the finished drink – for a year they grew about 4-5 UAH.

However, the prices of coffee drinks continue to grow. As told to us by Rodion Erostek, co-founder of POSTER specializing in the automation of cafes, restaurants and shops, last year a Cup of espresso cost from 14 to 30 UAH, in 2017 from 18 to 55 UAH.

This happened, for example, in the Kiev bakery and Mary in the cafe “Birdhouse” in the river. In the capital’s restaurant “Matiz” a Cup of this drink costs 50 UAH.

A similar situation occurs with cappuccino. If it used to cost from 17 to 36 UAH, this year it is 20 UAH (cafe-bar “3rd Array” Dnepr) and to 75 UAH (Kyiv Fair Finch Coffee Center).

The most expensive coffee still served at premium restaurants for which a price of 75 UAH is not critical.

“Over the year the price rose slightly, by 10-15%. Espresso costs 15-20 UAH on the street (mobile, kiosks), cappuccino 25-30 UAH. Last year it was 2-3 UAH cheaper. In restaurants: espresso about 30 UAH (except for the elite, there is 40 UAH and higher), cappuccino 33-38 UAH. There and so-called crafty coffee beans are roasted under their brand name. Sometimes it delicious, sometimes disgusting. Usually do it in coffee shops. Restaurants prefer to hire well-known brand”, — told Director of “restaurant consulting” Olga Nasonova.

Despite the price increase, coffee drinkers are in no hurry to give up his favorite beverage – coffee consumption remains high. During the year the Ukrainian drinks on average about 100 cups of coffee a year outside the home.

“The cost of the drink depends on the city. As a rule, the smaller the population, the cheaper coffee,” said Rodion Erostek.

Reduce portions and given to drink filtered coffee

In order to restrain prices, many institutions have even started to reduce the portions. Over the past year, almost all coffee shops have reduced the minimum amount to 180-240 ml, so as to make a Cup 250-350 ml has become more expensive, and sell it for the same money as a year ago, is already profitable.

To preserve the profits would have to raise prices, the average buyer is not always ready to take espresso or cappuccino for 25 UAH and above, experts say.

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“The portions decreased and the prices for them have been preserved – like a year ago about 20-25 UAH. Gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years with a coffee. Now everywhere prepare coffee in disposable cups. Trends for the near future – development of filter coffee (prepared by the method of single Strait hot water through the filter the ground coffee) is quickly poured-gave-earned. Besides, it’s really tasty,” he said KOFEIN Barista coffee shop and judge coffee Championships Ruslan Karelashvili.

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