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Ukrainian celebrities commented on the ban of the “Matchmakers”

Украинские знаменитости прокомментировали запрет "Сватов"The last few days in the media and social networks seething debate over a possible ban of the series “Matchmakers”.

The reason for this was a violation of Ukrainian legislation, one of the actors – Russian actor Fyodor Dobronravov repeatedly visited the annexed Crimea.

In this regard, the security Service of Ukraine for three years Dobronravov banned to enter the territory of our country. However, came under attack and the series “Matchmakers”, thanks to which the actor became most famous.

About a possible ban on the TV series “Matchmakers” angrily said one of its creators – Director of the Studio “Quarter-95” Vladimir Zelensky.

On his Facebook page, actor and producer appealed to the security service, expressing the outrage of her actions.

“The connection between a friend Dobronravov and thousands of people who worked on this project for the last 15 years, excuse me, no, no, – said the artist. – Are you struggling with the fact that people are United”.
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Zelensky added that “Matchmakers” – Ukrainian TV series, invented by him and his colleagues.

Today in support of the series “Matchmakers” in favor of Ukrainian stars.

Vlad Yama, dancer and choreographer: “I have not delved into the statements of the actors of the series “Matchmakers”, but I think that anything that creates “Kvartal 95”, in principle, talented and professional. I’m generally against bans and restrictions in creativity, especially when it comes to the “popular” series of the country.”

Dmitry Lalenkov, an actor: “This is another chase, driven by the desire to prevent the next product. We thought want to destroy all bad, but it turns out there is an incredible desire to destroy all the best. Better than that production, which produces “Quarter 95” and “1+1″, we had nothing. And it turns out that we need to get rid of this to good in nature does not smell. Plus the destruction of the health system, education, want to add any more destruction of normal television, which works, tries, and happy, and most importantly, protect this country, defend her honor. This is the product that is purchased worldwide, and is not ashamed. I have been sincere bewilderment the actions of the people who watch over the morality absolutely immoral, wild ways”.

Ostap Stupka, actor: “we duzhe good nauchilsya “Yak Raptor something…” – sabaramati! I don’t wonder, “Swati”. TSE, skamo, none of my kno, ale TSE product, vyrobeny in Ukraine telenomicida people NSA RC – TSE sadant rosiyskih actors not only in this serial and General in Ukraine. It regulate on Dergun fate nazemnyh actors (not only rosiyskih) in ukrainskomu knobbies. For tsogo need, sapropelite “dosul on the robot”, Yak TSE there is the toll-Tille in the same Russia. And we have, as always, odne plesati Yazikov, and other perti plough”.

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