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Ukrainian Catholics celebrate Christmas

Украинские католики празднуют РождествоFor the first time for them, this day is a public holiday.

In fact, Orthodox and Catholic Christmas, the same roots that go back to ancient pre-Christian culture. So many Christmas traditions Catholics also do not differ from the traditions of Orthodox Christians. Although the features of the Catholic Christmas, still exist.

The decision to celebrate Christmas on December 25 was adopted at the Council of Ephesus (Third Ecumenical) Church Council in the year 431.

A month before Christmas starts with advent, a time of strict fasting and repentance. Directly preparing for the holiday starts on December 20. Until the moment when the evening of 24 December, the sky appears the first star, announcing the birth of Jesus, – the period of predprazdnichnoy.

From 24 December to 1 January is the feast of the Nativity of Christ, the so-called “octave”, consisting of 8 days. Each day of the festival, in its rather strict rules and dedicated to the memory of martyrs and apostles of the Catholic Church.

For true Catholics, Christmas is a family holiday that has purely religious significance. Usually on Christmas eve all the family members go to Catholic Church for a service, and then, on Christmas Eve, gather at the table.

It should be noted that the Christmas meal for Catholics consists exclusively of lean and very light meals, no frills on the tables can not be seen.

One of the main symbols of Christmas are candles. The wavering flame of the candle reminds the faithful word of the gospel: “the Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome It.”

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