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Ukrainian cardiologists performed a unique operation

Украинские кардиологи провели уникальную операциюDoctors removed the tumor in the right ventricle of the heart.

Kiev surgeons removed two-year-old from the heart of a four-centimeter tumor, which did not allow the passage of blood. And although this operation was extremely risky, it was the only chance to save the boy’s life.

Now the baby is recovering. Such operations in the world have not been conducted.

Today Sasha is already allowed to eat soup. This means that ICU will be transferred to a regular ward. It’s been three days after the operation. The tumor is more than four centimeters found in the right ventricle of the heart. To get it, nothing damaging – was a daunting task. The operation lasted more than five hours.

“With these tumors in my practice, and it is almost 40 years old, I met six or seven times. And like any tumor, one case to another are not similar. And this child has this tumor was placed in the right ventricle, affecting the tricuspid valve”, says the Director of the center for pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery Ilya Yemets.

Tumor old Sasha discovered by accident. The pediatrician who conducted the inspection of the chilled boy, did not like the noises in his breathing. “I would still not know. Just happened to get that cough – went and heard a noise. In General, the tumor not to hear, God sent us” – says the boy’s mother Irina Slobodyanyuk.

The tumor occupied the right ventricle almost all the space the blood could no longer pass freely through it. There was a risk that the child could drop dead at any time. The surgeons managed to remove not just the tumor itself, but the main thing is to keep the heart valve.

“Any artificial valve, the more that a child who is growing is not the best option. I was able to do plastic surgery: damaged chords and papillary muscles of the right ventricle of the tricuspid valve, I managed to keep them transplanted to another place and the valve is now functioning as normal. Personally, as a surgeon, I am very satisfied with the results,” says Yemets.

Such a tumor, like Sasha, is extremely rare. But now there is every chance that the operation to remove it will be included in all medical textbooks and not only in Ukraine.

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