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Ukrainian borsch advertised in The Washington Post

Украинский борщ прорекламировали в The Washington PostThe journalist told the Americans about the benefits of Ukrainian borscht.

As you know, in Ukraine there is the so-called “index borscht”, which is determined by valuing food set for iconic dishes. Last year, as reported, the price has gone up slightly.

But in the pages of The Washington Post journalist Ellie Krieger published an essay about where the soup is called no differently than a “luxury food”, and said about its benefits.

“Sometimes I buy products with a specific recipe, but more often I go to the market and let the ingredients speak to me. Recent trip loaded my bags a bunch of great fresh vegetables: carrots, beets, root celery and onions, along with a good solid head of cabbage,” the article said.

According to Krieger, she thought to cook these vegetables until came to mind not really unique dish – borsch.

The journalist is sure that not one dish can feed these ingredients are synergistically more, turning the vegetables in a home food like Ukrainian borsch.

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