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Ukrainian biathletes won the bronze medal at the world Cup in Pokljuka

Украинские биатлонистки завоевали бронзу на этапе Кубка мира в ПоклюкеWomen’s team of Ukraine biathlon was pleasantly surprised by the first relay race of the new season.

The coaching staff in the absence of the sisters Semerenko and Pidhrushna are in bad shape in the relay decided on a bold experiment – the finisher of the team was Anastasiya Merkushyna, before winning the sprint at the IBU Cup.

Due to the stability of at the range Ukrainka in the second stage, led the race. Pidhrushna who live in the highlands of breathing problems, failed to build on the success Jim, but the phenomenal composure of Merkushino allowed Ukraine to earn bronze, but behind Anastasia on the max was she Gabriela Soukalova.

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Pokljuka. Women. The results of the relay:

1. Germany (Hinz, Hildebrand, Hammerschmidt, Dallmeier, 0+9) 1:11:31.1
2. France (Chevalier, Breza, Amonia, Dorin-Habert, 0+3) +10.1
3.Ukraine (Varvynets, Jim, Pidhrushna, Merkushina, 0+3) +37.7
4.Czech Republic (2+9) +56.3
5.Norway (2+15) +2:01.6

Above his head he jumped and men that also during the race managed to go on the first line. Ukrainians competed with stellar teams of France, Russia and Germany – Pidruchny could compete with Shempp and Shipulin, if Kilchitsky, the spent third stage, did not stay on the rack.

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Pokljuka. Men. The results of the relay:

1. France (Beatrice Fillon Maillet, Destie M. Fourcade 0+7) 1:11.56.5
2. Russia (Flowers, Babikov, Elisha, Shipulin, 1+6) +15.7
3. Germany (Lesser, Dorfer, Doll, Schempp, 0+11) +21.5
4. Ukraine (Prima, Semenov, Kilchitsky, Pidruchny, 0+6) +36.3
5. Czech Republic (0+6) +48.9

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