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Ukraine will send to Germany five tanks to participate in the competition

Украина отправит в Германию пять танков для участия в соревнованияхUkrainian tankers will be on upgraded tanks T-64BV.

Tankers of the 14-th separate mechanized brigade of land forces of Ukraine in the period from 7 to 12 may for the first time will take part in tank biathlon the armies of the countries-members of NATO The Strong Europe Tank Challenge. It will be held at one of the landfills in Germany, reports the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

“Ukraine will be represented by a tank platoon captain Roman Bagaeva. Last year this division during the all-Army competition tank platoons won the title of best tank platoon of the Ukrainian troops”, – stated in the message.

The composition of the Ukrainian delegation will include not only the specified tank platoon, but also representatives of Kharkiv armored plant, the medics, crew repair and recovery machines and other professionals, who will ensure the participation of Ukrainian units in the competition – only 32 people.

It is noted that the Ukrainians will fight for the championship on upgraded tanks T-64BV.

“The Ukrainian team will be composed of a tank platoon across the state, adopted in the armies of NATO countries – four main tanks and one spare,” said the defense Ministry.

Except for Ukraine in international competitions The Strong Europe Tank Challenge will involve tank platoons from the armies of the United States, Germany, Austria, France and Poland.

We know that Americans will act on the type of tanks Abrams M1A2 and the German tank crews on the tanks Leopard 2A6.

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