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Ukraine will not survive the epidemic and the collapse in oil prices

Украина не выдержит эпидемию и обвал цен на нефть

The first time fast-spreading coronavirus, coupled with falling oil prices had no effect on the economy of Ukraine, because there are imitating her, as well as the public. Commentator of “Russia today” Rostislav Ishchenko has told about how it works in the Square.

To maintain the illusion of a stable economy, said Ishchenko, Ukrainian authorities put money sponsors, but the exhaust from these investments should not be any, accordingly we have to invest more and more, and so long as the sponsors something is not suspect. Now Ukraine is deep in debt, and, in order to convince the borrowers that all is well, the authorities imitate statehood. Then follows a scheme is this: Ukraine is the money to cover the previous loan, then another to cover the recent etc.

Thus, as soon as it comes time to pay debts, Ukrainians shift time and take on new commitments. But this thing, according to experts, can not last long, because soon the Ukrainian oligarchs and foreign borrowers will realize that you pay nothing Square.

And in addition to the loan cash, there is also a credibility, that’s it, then they will lose, and this might be a big blow.

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