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Ukraine will be hit by severe magnetic storms: when to expect

Украину накроют сильные магнитные бури: когда ожидатьMay is one of the most severe relative fluctuations of solar activity and magnetic storms – this month is often accompanied by deterioration of health and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Magnetic storms – the kind of geomagnetic activity. They are caused by the flow in the vicinity of the Earth perturbed solar wind streams and their interaction with the magnetosphere of the Earth.

First week

Most dangerous is may 5, which will be accompanied by weakness, apathy, irritability, fatigue, nervousness, severe headaches and aggravations of chronic diseases.

The second decade

Continues from 11 to 17 may, will bring meteodependent people General malaise, problems with the cardiovascular, immune, eye and respiratory systems.

The third decade

With the 20th and 25th, this time under the negative effects will fall emotional sphere, it is recommended to avoid stress and rest more.

At the end of may

Another magnetic splash is expected on the 28th and be accompanied by a marked deterioration of General health that is most pronounced feel young children and the elderly.

To improve health will help strict adherence of the day, proper rest, balanced diet, exposure to fresh air and positive emotions.

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