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Ukraine will be hit by a magnetic storm: know the date

Украину накроет магнитная буря: стала известна датаImportant information for weather-sensitive.

Scientists have named the date when Ukrainians will be under the strong influence of the magnetic storm.

Thus, according to the Institute of Geophysics. S. A. Subbotin NAS of Ukraine, from 26 July to 1 August, the Ukrainians almost do not notice the magnetic fluctuations, in addition to 30 — July- then the deterioration of health can feel only the most susceptible to change of weather the people of the country.

The negative influence of magnetic storms that are inclined according to various sources from 50 to 70% of the world population. Moreover, the beginning of such a stress response from a specific person at different storms may move at different times.

Украину накроет магнитная буря: стала известна дата

Magnetic storms occur most often in low and middle latitudes of the planet, lasting from several hours to several days. This occurs from the shock wave of the high frequency streams of solar wind. From solar flares to space the release of a large number of electrons and protons, which with great speed heading for the ground and within 1-2 days reach its atmosphere. Charged particles strong flow change the magnetic field of the planet.

That is, this phenomenon occurs in a period of high solar activity, perturbing the earth’s magnetic field. Fortunately such outbreaks are not more than 2-3 times per month, which can predict the scientists, fixing the flash and motion of the solar wind. Geomagnetic storms can be of different intensity, from minor to very aggressive. With strong perturbations, as for example on 11 September 2005, there were violations of the functions of satellite navigation and communication blackout in some areas of North America. 50 ies of the last century, the researchers analyzed nearly 100,000 car accidents, and as a result found that at day 2 after solar flares the number of accidents on the roads increased sharply.

The most dangerous magnetic storms for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, arterial hypotension or hypertension, veto-vascular dystonia or mental illness. Young, healthy people practically does not feel the influence of magnetic fluctuations.

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