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Ukraine will be hit by a cold atmospheric front

Украину накроет холодный атмосферный фронтIt is expected a significant cooling.

In Ukraine Saturday, September 29, will the Northern cyclone Helena, which will bring a cold atmospheric front.

As reported by forecaster Natalia Didenko on the page in Facebook, so most of the expected warming to + 9 and + 14 degrees and rain.

Thus, according to its forecast, in the East, the South and Central regions (Vinnytsia apart) will be +17 +22 degrees.

Sunday, September 30, atmospheric front will clear the area and anywhere in Ukraine will be dry and clear.

However, on 30 September the temperature will range between +13 +16 degrees in the South and East is expected +16 +19 degrees.

In Kiev on Saturday is projected to be cold to +13 degrees and rain Sunday – Sunny and 15 degrees.

Украину накроет холодный атмосферный фронт

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