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Ukraine was still within the rating

Украина оказалась еще в одном антирейтингеIn Ukraine you can get citizens of 96 countries.

The most inhospitable countries in the world, that is, which have no agreements on visa-free regime, are Afghanistan, North Korea, Somalia, Syria and Turkmenistan, while Ukraine in this rating is located on 48 line.

The corresponding data derived from the rating of “inhospitable” countries in the world according to Passport Index.

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Consequently, the second spot is occupied by Angola, which provides visa-free entry only for tourists from Namibia.

In the third place, in turn, were Bhutan, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Iraq and Libya, which allowed the visas of travelers from the three countries.

Note that Ukraine without visas on the territory of which can be accessed from 96 countries, was on the 48 th place, sharing it with Montenegro and Israel.

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