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Ukraine was at the end of the world rating of road quality

Украина оказалась в конце мирового рейтинга качества дорог97% of Ukrainian roads need upgrading.

According to the annual ranking of the world economic forum, Ukraine on the quality of the road surface in 2016 occupied the 137th place out of 144 countries in the world.

It is noted that 97% of Ukrainian roads need upgrading.

The main reason for poor quality of roads in Ukraine is the lack of timely and qualitative repair, as well as the congestion on the trails.

However, there is good news. In 2017 will be repaired about 2000 km of roads, more than double in 2016 and at the level of 2011, when Ukraine held a large-scale construction in preparation for Euro 2012. If this trend will be continued in 2018 may update the record for the scale of construction in the history of independent Ukraine.

Total in Ukraine 170 thousand kilometers of roads: 50 thousand km are roads of state significance, 120 thousand local. Beyond repair the first says K, second – administered by local authorities. Their financing of Ukravtodor.

Road construction is an extremely expensive form of infrastructure: new worth of $ 1 million for 1 kilometer. To the road has paid off and is not destroyed, it is necessary to transport the goods for 10-12 years without violating the weight limits. Most carriers because of the actual lack of weight control and small fines have resorted to frequent violations.

Currently, the main costs of Ukravtodor to Finance small (pit), the middle and repair and payment of credits and debts over the past years.

According to experts, the full restoration of Ukrainian roads need to spend 50 billion hryvnias annually for 5 years.

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