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Ukraine took the France of €64 million in credit, to solve the key problem of Mariupol

Украина взяла у Франции €64 млн в кредит, чтобы решить ключевую проблему МариуполяMoney is allocated for 30 years under 0.08%.

Ukraine on Tuesday and France signed a loan agreement for the project to ensure Mariupol drinking water.

Money in the amount of 64 million euros is allocated for 30 years with 10 years grace period. Rate will be 0.08% per annum, the press service of the government.

The water that is served in the apartment in Mariupol, comes from the Seversky Donets river, which is several times crosses the line of demarcation. On the background of the conflict in Donetsk and Luhansk region water infrastructure is not in the best condition. Mariupol is at the very end of the chain of supply, so the city receives water of poor quality.

In 2017 edition commissioned a study, which showed that the water from the taps in Mariupol undrinkable. The hardness of the water was 2-4 times higher than the minimum standards, there has been increased four times sulphate and half – dry residue.

The government plans to build to Mariupol, a new filtration plant, the water intakes. It is planned to upgrade the ageing network and to introduce new forms of water management in the city. The total project cost is about EUR 100 million. In addition to the French loan is planned to raise money from other sources.

On behalf of Ukraine the agreement was signed by Minister on the issues of the occupied territories Vadim Chernysh, from France Ambassador Isabelle Dumont.

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