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Ukraine promised to create a “black list” of Russian books

В Украине обещают создать «черный список» российских книгBegan working as a special expert Council.

In Ukraine earned the expert Council, which is a “black list” of Russian books.

Experts will look for those books that should not be allowed to import to Ukraine. Media reported that the appearance of this body was provided for in the law on restriction of access of printed materials from Russia.

Each book should now be translated into the Ukrainian language. You also need to do the annotation and pass the book to the court. The expert Council has already banned 13 books.

The Council has already banned the import of textbook for 11 th grade J. Clim. At the conclusion of one of the texts praises the methods of Joseph Stalin, in particular it says: “In a very short period of time he managed to do from an agrarian country really strong power. That would probably be impossible without a strong, but rigid character which was Stalin, and a huge number of Russian people who sacrificed their lives for the good of the country” and has the line “the First Russian state included Kyiv, Novgorod, Vladimir.”

According to the Director of the company, a major supplier of books “Makhaon Ukraine” Oleg Pogrebnoy, indeed, when the Russian books were banned, this situation was exploited by those who illegally imported them to Ukraine, or prints counterfeit.

“Unfortunately, no one is fighting. No procedure of withdrawal penalties. We have books to license, and the smugglers won’t.”

This Advisory Council consists of 14 people. Among them there are even the Deputy chief of the 1st government of the Department of counterintelligence of management of SBU Andrey Kravchenko.

Also there are doctor of psychological Sciences Paul Ermine, head of the Department of psychological researches of the Kiev Institute of forensic examinations Yuriy Irkhin and also the chief editor of the “Fountain of fairy tales” Ivan andrusyak. In addition, there are linguists, a historian, was formerly associate publisher and provider of books Book club “family leisure Club” Valentine Pepper.

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