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Ukraine presented the army’s tactical vehicle

В Украине представили армейский тактический автомобильThe military buggy is now developing in many countries.

The company “Tekhimpeks” officially presented at the exhibition “Arms and security”-2017 in Kiev army buggy – LTA (light tactical vehicle). Perhaps soon the novelty will appear in the Ukrainian army.

The military buggy is now developing in many countries. Such easy double or triple machines have a very good cross. Of course, they are not designed for warfare in cities and towns. Their main task is reconnaissance and raids.

Especially the military buggy is popular in the Middle East. This is understandable, because
there the conditions of the terrain allow them to use very effectively. But in Ukraine, for such military vehicles also will be used, given that in our country there are many steppes.

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Last year volunteers already own created army buggy, but the company “Tekhimpeks” undertook the development of this car with all its engineering and production capacity. As a result, she has received a light tactical vehicle designed for reconnaissance.

LTA is equipped with a 2.0-liter diesel engine producing 240 HP Its top speed is 130 km/h, which agree very well for the buggy, which also can be installed a heavy machine gun and automatic grenade launcher.

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Look at LTA, characteristic of all buggy, but we were attracted by its digital camouflage pattern. Thanks to this colour this car is very hard to notice.

In our opinion this is one of the most interesting novelties of the exhibition “Arms and security”-2017. However, we were a bit surprised that the LTA does not have full drive. However, the engineers of “Tekhimpeks” visible, whether it is necessary for the army’s buggy or not.

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