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Ukraine needs to return to the idea of decentralization – Lavrov

Украине нужно вернуться к идее децентрализации, - ЛавровLavrov urged the Ukrainian authorities ” to think about the fate of the whole country.”

The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov believes that Ukraine needs to go back to the idea of decentralization

“Of course, you need to think about decentralization,” – said Lavrov in the program “week” on NTV.

He recalled the first meeting after the Ukrainian events, the diplomats of Russia, US, EU and Ukraine in April 2014, “during which tried to find a framework for further efforts to resolve the situation.”

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“For the current period is the unusual format, but then it is in this part are gathered the heads of the foreign services: John Kerry (Secretary of state), Catherine Ashton, she was the EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy, and acting Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Andriy dedica… After hours of negotiations issued a statement in which the Ukrainian side has committed itself, and all the others welcomed the commitment to immediately start the process of decentralization with the participation of all regions of Ukraine. It was recorded on paper with the participation of USA, EU, Russia and Ukraine”, – Lavrov reminded.

According to the Russian diplomat, “then they (the Ukrainian authorities) understand that the country needs to keep the integrity, and for that you need to delegate”.

“Then, probably, decided that once the West began to support Ukraine, they throw money, probably, “let’s ride” and without any decentralization. I am sure that without this, I’m sorry for the rude word, “sticking” with our Western partners more that nothing can be done”, – said the head of the foreign Ministry.

Lavrov said that about a third of the regions of Ukraine officially appealed to the Kyiv demanding to go to the contractual relationship between the regions and Central government.

“There are such trends in the Odessa and Transcarpathia regions, so it’s not just the East and South and West of the country,” he said.

“We need to consider, of course, about the fate of the entire country (Ukraine) and not only to say that to the East of them the “aggressor”, so there’s nothing we can do till they finish the fight “aggression”, – said Lavrov.

As you know, President Petro Poroshenko has repeatedly stated that Ukraine will not amend the Constitution to decentralize the implementation of the Minsk agreements regarding safety.

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