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Ukraine made a rating of the most friendly tour operators

В Украине составили рейтинг самых дружественных туроператоровWhom to trust with your vacation.

In the Ukrainian Association of travel agencies was again “hit parade” of the most friendly to the retail tour operators. The survey took place during October, according to Executive Director Paul UAT Grigorash, the rankings were taken into account the views of over 300 Directors and managers of travel agencies. The got the largest players of the Ukrainian market with its own Charter program. Those were only nine, each of them was assessed on ten criteria (fairness Commission, the usability, validity of prices, the use of promotional prices, loyalty in dealing with controversial issues, etc.). The final results are published on the website of the UAT.

If you compare the current rating of agent-friendly period, there is a significant and common features and differences. For example, the highest score for all ten categories again received the TEZ Tour (4.34 out of a possible five), and the last place remains Travel Professional Group. But changes still more. For example, Join UP! moved from second place to fourth, having conceded “silver” rating “Pegas Touristik”, and the third place went Kompas, which last year took the fifth place. Greatly strengthened the position of Anex Tour, rising from 10th place in last year’s ranking from the fifth. In UAT point out that high positions of leaders of the list due to the principled position in relation to promo-price: TEZ Tour, Kompas and Join UP! they are not, “the Pegasus didn’t use them this season in any significant amount”. The Association also pay attention to the fact that the best of the tour operators, the situation with billing – under this criterion, all participants scored the most points.

Similarly situated and tour operators at the forefront of rating Agency award. It was compiled by a simple method – you need to answer the question “Which operator will give preference other things being equal?”. According to the published chart shows that 55% of travel agents in this situation will choose TEZ Tour, 15% – “Pegas Touristik”, 7% – Anex Tour. It is significant that Join UP! which a year ago voted 29% of travel agents, this time has gathered just 3%. This is most likely a result of numerous delays of Charter flights and repeated optimizations of the flight programs, which last summer was particularly fruitful.

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