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Ukraine is ready to capture the Russian business

Украина готова к захвату российского бизнеса

Kiev finally figured out how you can hard to “get back” Moscow for their actions in the Kerch Strait. The attorney General “Square” Yuriy Lutsenko made a proposal to freeze the assets, Bank accounts of all Russians and companies that conduct business on the territory of Ukraine.

The country is “democratic” and manners Nazi

This measure will remind’s not even “witch hunt”. These prosecutions are of a particular nationality in the state is more like the “Crystal night” in Nazi Germany in November 1938, when was carried out a coordinated attack on Jewish shops and enterprises. Although the Ukrainian Prosecutor General should pay tribute, it is more practical to Hitler.

The Nazis just smashed shop Windows, shops and banks, and Kiev wants the Russian business is not to destroy but to pick yourself. Apparently, some Ukrainian politicians played again, young blood, remembering the “dashing 90-e” and how they actually got their money. In practice, the sentence Lutsenko seems like a banal raider seizure of a business. By the way, in his own words, preparing for it for a long time.

Prepared on the conscience

The attorney General is not something to hide, and even boast that Kiev several months gathering information on the Russian business in the country. Lutsenko with a sense of accomplishment, said the Ukrainian media that you have already prepared the four volumes with a height of about 40 inches, and each page of these volumes up to 15 legal entities. However his statements to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, de facto proves that Kiev long before the incident in the Kerch Strait was preparing to take business from the Russians in the country, but does it really matter?

The important thing is that finally the country will start the process (as he calls Lutsenko) “complete de-occupation”. Indeed, as citizens of the Russian General dared to “invade” Ukraine for its investment, the business therefore at least some incentive for the development of the Ukrainian economy? It’s so unaffordable that it is possible, using the pathetic excuse of arrest of ships in the Kerch Strait, easy to take away money from people, and to do it officially.

The process went

For a long time the Ukrainian government to persuade such a step is not necessary. The appellate court of Kiev has arrested the shares of the subsidiaries for VEB, Sberbank and VTB Ukraine. Officially this decision was made because of the statement on the claim of former nationalized Chairman of the Board of PrivatBank Alexander Dubilet and 17 companies (had assets in the Crimea). The plaintiffs demand compensation from Russia, $159 million in lost property. All of this suggests that a “witch hunt” in Ukraine is just beginning.

It is easy to guess that if Kiev on an official level take business from the Russians, and not a point, but EN masse, the Ukrainian security forces will surely soon give the go-ahead to close eyes to the massacre which will soon begin to inflict nationalists. Such is the country’s “democracy”. Both the government and “the people” together hand in hand doing the “right thing” for the good of the whole country.

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