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Ukraine is rapidly losing talented surgeons

Украина быстрыми темпами теряет талантливых хирурговDoctors prefer to leave z agranite.

The Ministry of health announced the beginning of a revolutionary change in medicine. Now anyone can online to choose a family doctor and to sign a contract with him. Stir “crazy”: a week signed up as many as six doctors and four patients.

Officially in Ukraine is not enough 7 thousand doctors, but the ex-Minister of health and member of the relevant Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Musiy said that of the 30 thousand physicians are now working in all of Ukraine, only 8 thousand. “For two years, went abroad 15 thousand young doctors. Out of 8 thousand of family that are still with us, half — retired. To replace them there is nobody. After all, the doctor needs to prepare, and it will take more than six months, as for the police, and nine years” — said Musy.

“Doctors now go to Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and even in Germany, confirms to us the head of the Free trade Union of physicians Oleg Opanasenko. — Here’s an example. In the Nikolaev area arrived poles, doctors internship and offered them 3.5 thousand euros salary, housing, free education Polish language. Young doctors Packed up and went. Moreover, Poland has decided to accept our Ukrainian diplomas. It turns out, our government invests money in training, but to work them there for such wages not want to.”

A young surgeon Sergei from Kiev told that now works in Norway as a nurse: “the salary to the young surgeon not to live, and friends suggested that Norway pays well in nursing homes. And I worked there as a nurse. Yes, I lost the profession of surgeon, but to live on something you need.”

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