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Ukraine is filled with used cars from Russia

Украину заполнили подержанные автомобили из РФMost of the cars that were imported last year came to us from Russia.

The most popular car for the period from January to November last year in the primary market of second-hand was the Renault Megane, which was chosen 1931 motorist.

According to “Ukravtoprom”, the average age of cars of this model was five years.

Cars Volkswagen Passat, an average age of four years, acquired 1196 Ukrainians. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Much more modest result in the Skoda Octavia, which closes the three leaders, it chose 679 motorists. The average age of these cars also did not exceed five years.

Also in the TOP 10 primary market of imported second-hand were: Opel Astra — 586 pieces Volkswagen Golf — 526 pieces, a Renault Scenic — 512 units, the Opel Insignia — 348 pieces, the Mercedes-Benz E — 322 pieces, the Skoda Fabia has 319 pieces. closes the top ten of electric car Nissan Leaf with a score of 276 imported and registered cars.

The most senior of the top ten were the Volkswagen Golf and Renault Scenic, the average age is six years, and the youngest — the Nissan Leaf — the most 2013.

As you know, the deputies passed the law with the hope that the Ukrainians will buy more cheap cars in Europe. The cars at a reduced excise tax was prohibited to be imported from countries recognized by the state as an occupier and aggressor state.

However, according to Nazarenko, most of the cars that were imported last year came to us just the same from Russia.

“In fact, us imported a large number of Russian vehicles through Belarus. You know that in Russia because of the sanctions no Norwegian shrimp and salmon, and there are Belarusian. It’s the same with us — “Belarusian machines,” — said the head of VAAID.

How does it happen? Bought cheap cars in Russia, imported to Belarus, where recorded and imported to Ukraine by Belarusian machine. “That is, the law more beneficial to those people who create the schemes of import of cars from Russia through Belarus”, — stressed Nazarenko.

What are the difficulties

One obvious problem — the average Ukrainian it’s hard to go to Europe and buy a high quality car. All this talk about what the Germans would train and sell you a cheap machine — only legends.

“It may, of course, someone happened, but basically “bought the” buy all cars and then resold to Ukrainians at a higher price. Deputies believe that any Ukrainian can easily go to Germany and bring a car. He is easy to talk, because he had in his pocket a diplomatic passport, he’ll call the Secretary, who will order a plane ticket and a hotel room” — ironically Nazarenko.

According to the foreign Ministry, only 20% of Ukrainians have passports, not to mention the possession of a Schengen visa.

In addition, not all people understand cars and if you go to Germany, you need to bring a technician to buy a good car.

The law also was intended to solve the problem of cars foreign numbers.

The explanatory note indicated that the reduction in excise duties would allow Ukrainians to make about 4,5 thousand cars that meet the Euro 5 standards, which were in transit. Due to this, the MPs had planned to replenish the budget by 300 million hryvnia.

But recent events in Kiev, blocking roads and burning tires pointed to the fact that owners of these cars innovations not very impressed. Together with the authors of bill No. 5567, they urge the authorities to give them a “fair fee”.

However, no active protest or visits to the Prime Minister they have not helped. In OO “Autoerosale”, which became one of the main initiators of the recent protests, announced Wednesday that representatives of the National police and customs have already begun to actively seize cars with foreign registration in almost all regions of Ukraine.

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