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Ukraine in the night goes to “winter” time

Украина ночью переходит на "зимнее" времяNow you can sleep an hour longer.

The Cabinet of Ministers resolution No. 509 of may 13, 1996 “On procedure of calculation time on the territory of Ukraine” to regulate the transition to winter time.

Winter time is introduced for more efficient use of daylight and save electricity.

October 28, at 4 a.m., you must set the clock.

Note that the time to translate the need to the hour ago. It does have its advantages, because now you can sleep an hour longer.

The transfer time is traditionally carried out on weekends, because most people find it easier to adapt to the new regime.

We will remind, what does the transition to winter time on human health is an eternal theme. However, it is impossible to say no effect at all, it is all myths. Most doctors are willing to argue with employees of energy, and they cite well-founded facts.

This manipulation is carried out with the aim of saving energy. Such tradition exists in hundreds of countries around the world. It would seem a fairly good idea, but physicians continue to harp on the dangers of such changes.

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