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Ukraine hits a new computer virus

Украину атакует новый компьютерный вирусThe virus affects mostly computers companies operating in Windows OS.

Ukrainian computers affects virus-extortionist XData, which spreads very fast.

The first traces of the virus was discovered may 19, antivirus have learned to detect and neutralize ransomware.

The virus affects mostly computers of companies working on Windows OS that encrypts data and demands a ransom from 0.1 to 1 bitcoin, that is, from 200 to 2,000 US dollars at the current rate. Method to decrypt the data has not yet been found.

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“If more than 95% of the victims at the moment, which we saw in Ukraine, it is very likely that the attack is aimed at Ukraine,” – noted the developers of the group MalwareHunter. According to engineers, reports of infection yet came only from Ukraine and Russia. Among the Ukrainian victims mainly computer networks of companies.

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