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Ukraine has started autumn conscription: what you need to know

В Украине начался осенний призыв: что важно знатьWho will take the service.

Today, October 1, Ukraine has started autumn conscription, which will last a record three months, until 31 December 2018. On the official website of the President of Ukraine issued, signed by Petro Poroshenko, a decree extending Kyrgyzstan a month.

The agenda will receive men of military age (20-27 years) who are not eligible for a deferment, without a criminal record and no health problems. Persons aged 18 to 19 years old to serve in the army voluntarily, by contract.

All conscripts who received a summons, you need to arrive to the site within the terms established in the document. The receipt of subpoenas is not a reason to ignore the call – you will have 10 days, during which the recruit is required to report to the military Commissariat.

Life, traditionally, will be about 18 months. But the Ukrainians, who have received higher education of a master’s degree (or specialist) will serve up to 12 months.

The expiry of the term of service shall be the date of exclusion of the serviceman from lists of staff of military unit.

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