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Ukraine has simplified the probate

В Украине упростили оформление наследстваHappy Ukrainians gave the gift tax.

The Verkhovna Rada has simplified the procedure for registration of inheritance to the next of kin of the testator.

278 MPs voted for the amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine.

Previously, only the heirs of the first stage – parents, husband, wife and children were entitled to a zero rate of inheritance tax. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

But relatives of the second turn – brothers, sisters, grandparents and grandchildren – had to pay 5%. The adopted document that the payment was canceled. Together with the required early assessment of the property.

As noted by the developers of the amendments, the relief took with the thought of rural people for whom the amount of tax and cost rating was often higher than the real market price.

5% tax is deprived of the gifts, which include money, property or services for the relatives of the first degree. But all the other recipients of gifts still have to pay a fee.

To accept the changes, the Ukrainians had to resort to various tricks to circumvent the 5% tax for the heirs of the second turn.

Testament first wrote to the direct heirs, who then gave it to indirect. If this round sum had to put in the office of a notary, not to mention the time spent.

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