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Ukraine has restricted the registration of property rights

В Украине ограничили регистрацию права собственности The Ministry of justice made the Registrar is not technically possible to check outside your region.

The Ministry of justice of Ukraine on a technical level, introduced the mechanism, not allowing the Registrar to carry out registration activity outside their region.

This was announced by the Deputy Minister of justice for state registration Elena Sukmanova, the press service of the Ministry.

“Anti-raider Commission of the Ministry of justice received many complaints, in violation of the requirements of the law registrars committing registration actions outside its jurisdiction, i.e. beyond the region. For example, a Registrar in the Luhansk region registers the real estate in Kiev and the Dnieper. It can’t be,” she says.

According to her, such actions of the Ministry of justice reacted by disabling the registrars access to the registers, but such measures had little effect, as unscrupulous loggers still continued to violate this provision of the law, someone doing it unconsciously, and someone- on purpose.

“We decided to use a principle in which the system physically will not allow a person to make a deliberate or unintentional error. Now the logger is technically not able to carry out the registration act is not in his field – if he tries to do this, the screen will display “technical error” and press the button it will be impossible”, – explained Sukmanova.

The Deputy Minister also added that the Ministry of justice will continue to apply technical solutions for the protection of property rights, and announced the automatic data exchange between registries of the Ministry and the Unified state registry of court decisions in order to make impossible the registration of property rights on the basis of forged judges ‘ decisions.

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