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Ukraine has developed a new modification of the main battle tank. Video

В Украине разработали новую модификацию основного боевого танка. ВидеоIn its development, maximum attention was paid to the experience that Ukrainian troops were in the area of ATO.

SE “Kiev armored plant”, included in the state concern “Ukroboronprom” working capital have developed a new modernization of the main battle tank T-72A to the form T-72АМТ. In its development, maximum attention was paid to the experience that Ukrainian troops were in the area of ATO. It helped make the tank more secure and efficient. About it reports a press-service of “Ukroboronprom”.

The specialists of “Kyiv armored plant” installed on the T-72АМТ dynamic protection of new generation “the Knife”, which is already used on the tanks “Bulat” and “Oplot”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

This dynamic protection reduces the effectiveness of enemy cumulative and feathered armor-piercing projectiles, which are the main means of destruction of tanks. In addition, it is also effective against ammunition, operating on the principle of “shock core”.

For added protection, T-72АМТ equipped anti shaped-charge grids that are “cut” of cumulative ammunition and protect the most vulnerable areas of the tank in the side and stern projections. The effectiveness of this protection has been repeatedly proven in combat not only in the area of ATO, but also around the world.

In the course of modernization of the tank was equipped with night vision devices and modern electron-optical converters of the third generation. Such devices are installed for all crew members. In addition, the gunner has got night sight with the possibility of firing a guided missile “Kombat”. This missile from the state enterprise “State Kyiv design Bureau “Luch” has a semi-automatic guidance of the laser beam and capable of a distance of 5 km to penetrate 750 mm of armor, at the same time, thanks to the tandem of the head part is completely ignored dynamic protection. Power “Combat” is enough to destroy even the most protected enemy tanks.

Installation on the T-72АМТ new digital radio stations from the Turkish company Aselsan and the Ukrainian “Lybid K2” will not only help to improve the quality of communication, but also reliably to protect it. Also, these radios allow the tank crew to communicate with infantry units, which are essential for communication on the battlefield. In addition, the modification of the T-72АМТ got a modern satellite navigation. Another direction of modernization is the improvement of the working conditions of the crew. Even an ordinary rear view camera greatly facilitates the work of the driver.

“We made this modification of the T-72АМТ on the basis of real wishes and experience of the Ukrainian fighters… Independence Day, this war machine is shown in the center of Kiev, where she will be able to see everyone. After the festivities, T-72АМТ will be sent to a special landfill, where it passes the relevant tests with the test all systems, ” – said the Director of the plant Vadim Shkavro.


DP “Kiseki bronetankovyjj plant”, scho to enter before DK “Ukroboronprom”, VLAN oblow koshti rosabel Novo modernday main boyovogo tank T-72A to T-72АМТ. When Yogo rosrob maksimalno pay attention Bulo pridelena dowu, that Ukrainian viyska was otrimali have son ATO.

Modernsite torknulo, first cargo, paviment Zahist, vstanovleno digital radio stations, that dozvolyayut tankobon can directly Patrimoine contact iz phoneme parole and priladiv nonego bacena takozh for vsih clev Cau s suchasnij electro-opticinema peretvorjuvach third pokolinnya.


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