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Ukraine has banned well-known remedy against cancer

В Украине запретили известное лекарство против онкозаболеванийThe drug got in the country without first obtaining a certificate of quality.

In Ukraine imposed a ban on a known German agent “Alkeran”, which will be applied in the complex therapy for malignant tumors.

The state service of Ukraine on drugs and drug control has imposed a ban on the sale, storage and sales of the drug “Alkeran” (tablets, coated tablets, 2 mg №25 (25X1) in vials) labelled in a foreign language produced by German company “Exella GmbH”.

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The reason for the ban is that the drug came to Ukraine without first obtaining a certificate of quality, that is, may be counterfeit. Note that this medicine is from 1300 UAH

In this regard, the state service by his order obliged all state-owned entities engaged in the sale, storage and use of this drug, immediately check the presence of prohibited forms of the drug and remove them from circulation for disposal or destruction.

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