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Ukraine has banned well-known cure for leukemia

В Украине запретили известное лекарство от лейкемииThe cure came to Ukraine without a certificate of quality.

The state service of Ukraine on drugs and drug control has imposed a ban on the sale, storage and sales of the drug “Doxorubicin-Teva” (the lyophilisate for preparation of solution for infusion, 50 mg in flasks No. 1) series 16С01QA and 16B15MA with markings in Russian, the Dutch production company “Pharmachemie B. V.”.

The reason for the ban is that the drug came to Ukraine without first obtaining a certificate of quality, that is, may be counterfeit.

In this regard, the state service by his order obliged all state-owned entities engaged in the sale, storage and use of this drug, immediately check the presence of prohibited forms of the drug and remove them from circulation for disposal or destruction.

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